freedom is complex

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THE subject of freedom is complex. And sensitive. It could definitely seem selfish, subjective and egoistical. You have everything, yet you feel trapped. In your own body. In your own self. It’s possible. But if you always want more and you are never satisfied does that make you selfish? Or simply just perfectionist? Idealist? Dreamer? High-achiever? Nevertheless, the feeling is there and you live with it or not. You use it to your own advantage, or you make sure to get rid of it. As soon as possible. But then, when do you know when to stop? When is the maximum and when is the climax?

Now imagine living with these questions daily. Hourly. Am I satisfying enough? Am I being at my highest efficiency and proficiency? As much as it’s a struggle, it brings a whole new dimension of reality and rules into the horizon. It’s an interesting tool that keeps you trapped yet it lets you free to a higher level of consciousness and self-awareness. You are like a predator just in this case, predator on yourself. You keep on watching yourself and you are always ready to hunt for mistakes, for inefficient wasting of time, for unachievement. It’s an interesting game, life game that you do with yourself. It definitely has its benefits and limits, and it’s definitely a useful thing to use to your advantage or disadvantage.

As I said, subject of freedom is complex. You can judge it either way, but everyone feels it themselves and you can definitely not judge the freedom within others. Judge your own freedom. Improve or move on. Satisfy or ignore.


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Milena Sekulic


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