where have i been?


I have been absent. Fully absent online lately. And completely present offline. 

As you might have noticed I have not been that active on social media in the past few months as I might have been a year ago. I have taken some time off. Offline. For myself. I’ve realised I have not been paying enough attention to what is actually going on around me and how it impacts me. The fast speed of life just took over, and seemed like I lost control. i was doing everything fast, just to make it happen, follow the speed, complete the rhythm and try to not lose the track. I did not seem to be in control of myself. My life. I just wanted to make stuff happen. Shooting every day, every week, new post, post by post, unconsciously driving myself to absence. 

I dont blame myself, and i don’t blame anyone else for this. It happens. It happens for a number of reasons. But thus, I was able to really discover the importance of arts, self-expression and honesty in the past few months. I really wanted to see what happens when I just live the now. I realise my surroundings and am fully present at any moment. And i loved it. I became much more self-aware. 

Thus, it also offered me a lot of time to think. And discover. This doesn’t mean that I am completely done with blogging and social media. It has just begun. I have some exciting projects and plans, and honestly, this is just a beginning of everything. I will be involving much more fun stuff and I will make this blog much more interactive, where I would like you to contribute and play a role. I want to make it more then just a blog where i share my own thoughts and photos. All will follow soon. Until then, live the now and be aware of what is happening.



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Milena Sekulic



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