kids in suits

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what means to be a grown up today? does it mean wear classy clothes, go to job and return to a happy family where dinner is served and bed is ready. do the comments “grow up” and “mature already” even mean anything? and does it even relate to me the same as it relates to you? i will get myself into the suit but still be the kid i am. I will do three jobs at the same time, but still party. i will still live in a world of colours and playgrounds, even though the rules should be clear as black and white and the 70% playgrounds have already vanished in the past decade. tweak the definition of the grown up. make it your own. tweak the suit. at the end, don’t even grow up. 

IMG_8489 copyIMG_8449 copyIMG_8534 copybaeIMG_8453 copyIMG_8447 copyIMG_8462 copy

suits – Bonne Suits | shoes – Reebok | socks – Monki

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Milena Sekulic


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