real talk #1

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It’s been around a year since I realised that the industry is not what it used to be. that’s also when i completely stopped working with companies and receiving their gifts because, in my opinion, i didn’t see me blogging in that way. it’s not anymore about showing off your style, new ways of combining the clothing and being able to share and communicate ideas and inspiration with others. it is, but to some extent. i realised that the industry of blogging has taken a significant turn into promotion and collaboration which is great, but seems to be the only focus of blogging. if you don’t receive free clothing and promo codes weekly, monthly, daily you just haven’t made it into the blogging yet. the industry is one of the most profitable and fast-paced industries in the world today, touching and influencing not only fashion but variety of other fields. which is great, however every step within the blogger industry has a significant impact on other fields, intentionally or unintentionally. i have come up with 9 rules that seemed to have influenced my way of working but only to the point when i started realising what’s going on and what kind of world i might be entering. blogging is an interesting hobby, definitely worth investing in, however with a healthy dose of caution and carefulness. 


  1. If you are not receiving any of ‘free stuff’ you haven’t made it (yet).
  2. Whatever you receive freely you should promote it like you really like it.
  3. If your life does not appear to be perfect on social media or any other platform where you perform yourself you will be judged.
  4. You will be judged in any kind of way. But that’s ok, being judged is just a part of life. Deal with it. 
  5. You have to instagram everything. Because if you didn’t instagram it then it seems like it hasn’t happened. 
  6. Your original and unique style does not matter that much anymore since brands and promoters are pretty much bossing your style and outfit choices. Maybe even food you eat and holidays you go to.
  7. Your food should be stylish. If you can be stylish then you have to also take care that the crispy chicken with greens and quinoa look stylish enough to be taken as an instagram photo and uploaded asap.
  8. You still haven’t received any of the free stuff? You still haven’t made it. 
  9. Being emailed on daily basis about how good and amazing your blog is and thus, how certain company can help you expand your following and target audience if you pay $10, $20, $30 is just normal.

disclaimer: no need to take any of these ‘rules’ seriously. or maybe?

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Milena Sekulic


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