perspectives (london#1)

IMG_3830 copy

its all pretty much about the perspective. and modification. the angle from which you are looking at things, objects, themes and issues decides the outcome. our decisions and opinions are pretty much all based on some subjective, conscious/unconscious preconceptions and perspectives. 

to be honest this was my first time in London and i was quite supposed by its diversity and randomness. i had a completely different image in my head as to how this is city is going to work and affect me. i managed to catch it on the camera and with little collage/software tweaks present how i really saw London. this is the first part, or lets say first angle.i love doing this. i love capturing these moments in different cities, comparing the vibes and the atmospheres from different parts of these cities and tweaking the images minimally to get the result that usually appears as my impression of certain city in my head. be careful as how you look at things today and be aware of all the possible angles that could be modifying your perspectives and understandings.

IMG_3823 copy121Untitled-1IMG_3840 copy1Untitled-1IMG_3795 copyIMG_3817 copy copyIMG_7692


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