/to escape/

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day 1 – Barcelona

i needed to escape for couple of days to somewhere far. Spain. Barcelona. the smell of the air, the noise of the vespas, pleasant rays of Sun resting on my skin, continuous flow of calming Spanish in my ears and appreciation of each moment. day 1 went as planned. lots of vitamin d, happiness and rest. the photos below clearly amplify how the day 1 was spent. traditional architecture that mixes with rich tones of green, all together hugged in a relaxed Spanish lifestyle. 

i definitely agree with the fact that you cannot capture the moment but only live and re-live it in your head, but this time calm and slow-paced Spanish lifestyle really allowed us to do it. if these photos don’t portray the mood and atmosphere they at least get the closest to the automatic harmony that is created between the lifestyle and the subject experiencing it. morning – busy, noisy Amsterdam, noon – relaxed, calm Barcelona. as much as i love both of the cultures and lifestyles i really enjoy living those differences and appreciating what both have to offer.

IMG_1795 copyIMG_1788 copyIMG_1824 copyIMG_1803 copyIMG_1818 copyIMG_1816 copy


Shirt – Stradivarius | Skirt – Zara | Shoes – Zara 

Milena Sekulic


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