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And what kind of blogger are you? Do you get free stuff? It is so easy taking pictures all day and wearing different clothes. And posing. But above all, how many free clothes do you get? 

It’s been on my mind since a while what blogger used to mean and what blogger is today. I remember starting out two years ago as a girl who wanted to express her sense for fashion and style and share it with similar audiences. I love the whole spontaneity of outfits and momentous styles where I would dress differently every day, even though my range of clothing did not copy the one of Kim Kardashian. I never thought that the world of blogging would turn into what it is today. It seems that everything it takes to be a good blogger today is a camera, webpage and somewhat good style. Good content, quality photos, expressive and unique style and post coherency seem to be very unnecessary.

A while ago I wrote a post about how getting ‘free’ stuff and being sponsored by brands is something that is very common in the blogger industry and is appearing more and more. Don’t get me wrong, I personally have nothing against the bloggers that do that, however the whole concept and idea behind that kind of seem disturbing. As the problems with fast fashion are progressing; thoughtful fashion consumption and impact of what we, as bloggers, actually write seem to be only faded ideas at the back of our minds. Bloggers who are fully sponsored by bigger brands have lost their unique style, original content and are fully adding gas to the already burning peak of fast fashion industry. Instead of promoting thoughtful consumptions; promo codes are taking over the fashion industry. 

If you are getting free stuff and you enjoy promoting promo codes to girls and boys who are wanting to dress like you, or actually the brand that is fully sponsoring you, I have nothing against you and this is a great opportunity in some way. However it is an interesting point to think about as to where the industry will be taken in couple of years and if we, as bloggers, are positively aiding to that journey.

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Leather Jacket – LIDL | Coat – Vintage | Pants – Monki | Shoes – Vintage

Milena Sekulic


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