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it’s been years that i kept on finding myself in habitual weeks. every week passing by, every week, every day is the same.

couple of months ago i was sitting at home, on a casual habitual saturday, thinking to myself how depressing can it get that my days are just passing by and i don’t even notice life. i am stuck and cannot see to be getting outta circle. habits and routines are great, especially for someone who has a lot of work, keeps a blog, travels home and studies in a foreign country. but workload sometimes takes over everyday life so much, i forgot to live. i am someone who needs to be busy in order to be happy.  i also like changes to keep the dynamics going. it’s been weird couple of months, because i really stepped out of my comfort zone, and started finding more things to do, more people to meet, more activities to change my habitual weeks. especially lately where i came to self-realisation as to what fits me the best. i moved away from habits and routines and started something called life.

find what works for you.

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Dress – &Other Stories | Jacket – Vintage

Milena Sekulic


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