wish i knew

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it gets better

keep working 

stay true

keep learning


follow your own intuition 

its like a trap that you can find yourself in when you are letting yourself go and thinking it would never get better. i, personally find myself frozen in the state of thoughts. thoughts surround me and then i literally cannot move. cannot think. cannot get out. and then i am trapped thinking that i am the poorest creature in the world. no, get the fuck out of this stage i tell myself, and then i follow next steps.

keep working – no matter what. on a daily basis it’s like a battle for me.  i fight with activities because as much as they are fun to do i just don’t want to do them because i need to do them. whenever i forced myself to work on something, like it or not, i always came up with something. this is important especially for the more direction of study i do, where inspiration, ideas and creativity are the key. no matter what i always come up with something, hate it or not. 

stay true. because if its not you then somebody else will change you. your style. your words. they will either take them or change them. you have to hold onto the uniqueness and originality coming from you.  

keep learning and fight – it says it all. learn new stuff, gain new skills, try new languages, run 20k. just learn learn learn. i am about to learn Spanish language and all this hidden features of InDesign and Photoshop. I also want to learn how to explain my ideas without seeming like i am dreaming. and to be more to the point. 

follow your own intuition – as much as this seems understandable and cliche to say i only learned and experienced that recently. i moved countries, changed friends, went away from my family just to get better education. i didn’t know if i was doing the right thing, i wasn’t sure that living away from my family and getting higher education would bring me any benefits, but i followed my intuition. after 6 years living away from family, friends and my home country i am so thankful that i followed my dreams, my thoughts, myself. 

actually i don’t wish i knew, i am thankful that i learned it the hard way.

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| Jacket – LIDL | Coat – Vintage | Hat – Luka Luka Belgrade

Milena Sekulic


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