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The other day as I was sitting on a metro, running late to some meet ups and, thus, being privileged to change my make-up location for the comfortable seats on the metro I got some comments that really made me think about us, women (and also men) and how we are perceived. As I was happily putting the mascara on, thinking I can still do it, I am not going to miss my eye I hear a Dutch guy saying something in Dutch. At first I didn’t pay attention and then I heard him go louder and louder changing it into English and saying something like “you are pretty enough, you don’t need make-up, you are beautiful on your own”. At first I glanced at him, smiled and said thank you. But at 8am when you slept only 2 hours, the last horror you want to experience is someone taking the make-up away from you.

Anyways, as my journey progressed the guy would not stop and started pretty much shouting his opinions. At first I did not mind and then it started making me feel uncomfortable. What he was saying was a nice compliment but to have a rude attitude and not thinking about your actions is a bit disturbing. You may ask yourself why was I so annoyed. Well, I’ve heard it multiple times that women or men should not get plastic surgeries because they are beautiful on their own, they could apply make-up but not to much, that any kind of modification of the body is unacceptable, or that you should take a woman on a date to the swimming pool to see how she really looks without make up.

Joke up, joke down, these comments and suggestions from strangers are really more than unnecessary. Why? Because as its said, it is on the inside what matters right? Let people be, let them look the certain way they want to. Just because you think that someone looks better in a natural state of being it does not necessary mean they feel the same way. In a whole story I am really not trying to say that the Dutch boy was rude for complimenting me or anything, but repeating yourself, yelling, really trying to get your opinion out there when nobody asked anything is completely unnecessary. The fact that someone forces up their opinion about YOU up YOURSELF is not what complementing or generally expressing opinions is about.

I looked at him in the process of applying my mascara, explained that I see make-up as beautiful form of art, which can be directly applied to my body and that the way that I am changing my appearance is only my business. It would be the same for me to ask you to take of your clothes as they disturb your natural appearance.

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2 thoughts on “sunday confessions

  1. I agree with you in every sense. I may not apply too much make up or even nothing some days but I do have a plastic surgery, I got a nose job at 17 because I just didn’t like my old nose, I felt that it didn’t fit my face, now being almost 25, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and even if some people think it’s shallow I just don’t care cause it’s my bussiness. We are free to do whatever we want with our bodies as long as we’re not harming someone else. About the art part, I get you too, as an ex-fashion student, I consider looks to be ways of expression of oneself. Make up, hairstyles, clothes and accesories transmit us of feelings and ideas in an esthetic form. This is my point of view, if someone doesn’t agree I just let them be instead of trying to change their minds during a metro trip, which I consider very rude too.

    Have a nice day,

    1. Exactly, I agree! Especially the part with plastic surgeries. I think that this one is the most controversial one to most of the people. Which I totally don’t understand, because it is only the business of the one who is getting the surgery. But it makes me so happy that you are satisfied with your body modification process. As a fashion student make-up, hairstyles and outfit styles are one of my main interests and altering them to the fullest, and why not?


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