The year of 2015.

It is so weird to be able to think about exact this moment last year, when I was writing a post recapping 2014 and packing at the same time as we were leaving Austria and flying to Amsterdam. It’s even weird to think that exactly 2 years ago I complained to my brother how much I would love to start a blog that will be rich in content and as visuals and have something insightful, learning and captivating for a reader. At that point I remember him saying (like it was yesterday), ‘well do it.’ And that is how it all started. Time did fly very fast, but I knew this was going to happen if I worked hard or sat doing nothing through the whole following year.

More than 15 countries and 20 cities later I am sitting in Ljubljana, Slovenia again, packing as usual, living my life in a suitcase and thinking about the past year, that has probably been the best year of it all. It has been a year where I really focused on myself and my own well-being, that has been quite neglected in the past couple of years full of moving, travelling, making and breaking up relationships, seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. I have figured out that I am missing settlement and fixations, and I am happy that I have finally realised that. Amsterdam has become my base and my second home. I realised that I am the one in charge of being happy or unhappy and I should be the one responsible for the emotions.

Aside, it has also been a lovely year full of new adventures, lessons, cultures, experiences and new relationships. Starting it of with snowboarding in Austria I travelled back to Amsterdam and started my second semester of Fashion Institute successfully. Visiting my dad in Germany and awakening my roots in Serbia in February and enjoying some more travels until the Uni year finished was lovely. Big meltdowns in June, when I failed all of my exams, being told that I am not the ‘right’ one (as if there is such a thing) and couldn’t get back until last two weeks really was a wake up call. Now, whenever I feel down I think of my explosive comeback and scoring one of the top scores.

Spontaneous summer, full of Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy and Croatia relaxed me and prepared me for the second year of my study in Amsterdam. Following few, highly stressful, months I have realised to control myself and at the same time let things go and open my hands to new views, relationships and experiences. I got very true and deep in some of the blog posts in here, here and here; and happily shared some of my struggles with you. I worked on the quality of the content and as well as the visuals, which satisfied me more and made me think of what I am posting and sharing. I worked with bunch of different photographers that inspired me and showed me different sides of photography and blogging. I pushed myself to look for something that will not be the usual and will inspire the reader in one or another way. I stopped doing the ‘forced’ posts and thought of publishing something regardless of time and date. I connected to my readers and people who think alike through blogging and social media and discovered a whole new world. I did Nike woman’s run, I cut my hair significantly, I went to many festivals, stayed up looking for the first sunrise, lived my life, stressed to the fullest and learned some life important experiences.

As cliche this is, I am sitting here again and writing my goals for the upcoming year. I like to have a goal in mind that reminds me of why I am doing what I am doing. I am wishing you all a lovely, healthy and joyful new year.



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