new decade

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For the first time in 10 years I have stepped into a new decade. It doesn’t feel like anything actually. For the fact that now my age starts with number 2 and not straight, easy number 1 is different. And for the fact that I am not -teen anymore is also different. Except that, I still feel 12 or 13. I still feel like I haven’t properly found myself and still floating between people, careers, cities… It is annoying not to be fixated, again, all the time. But it still encourages the whole inside movement of ‘finding myself’, which honestly can be fucking boring and frustrating. But it is cool, still cool for now. It honestly, gives me bunch of excuses why I need to fly there, travel tomorrow, or take the time off at some exact point. Is cool.

My step into second decade, was celebrated in my soul city, Belgrade. Same as last year, I went through hectic times of excitement, happiness, sadness, nostalgia and fucking nostalgia (currently), during my whole journey Amsterdam -> Belgrade. And now I am back to my home town, thinking about my life.

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| Jacket – LIDL | Pants – MAC | Shoes –Zara | Coat – Vintage

Milena Sekulic

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