DSC_1628 copy

I keep on coming back to this. It is this incredibly different kind of beauty. Not everyday kinda one. As mentioned in the previous post ‘settled‘ I am settled in Amsterdam and it is a lovely city. But coming back to the country where a part of me is actually from and where my roots belong awakes weird nostalgic feelings. It is a city where you are lost and found again and again. It is a city that can make you feel great and annoyed at the same time. Trying to capture this distinctive beauty, that is in the eye of beholder, we came up with couple of shots. However, they are still very far away from the actual wave of emotions and senses I experience whenever I return to the place. Belgrade. Serbia.

DSC_1619 copyDSC_1533 copyDSC_1532 copyDSC_1575 copyDSC_1553 copy.jpgDSC_1546 copy

| Shirt – Pimpkie | Pants – Zara | Shoes –Belgrade Shoe Shop | Coat – Vintage

Milena Sekulic

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