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I often get questions related to my shoots, locations and camera angles. As to how do I make time for my blog and how do I always find a new location in Amsterdam. If I look back at my old photos it makes me wanna cringe, when I see people, trash cans or big advertisements in the back of the photos.

When I realised that having bad photography on your blog makes your blog just suck, I started looking for some tips and advices as to how to get a nice photo even if you are not really privileged to get a nice location or the best camera there is. But as much as I read about it and as much as I thought that my camera is just not good enough I came to two final points at the end, with which I still stick up to this day and aways help me get a good photo.

  1. Learn about how the camera works besides the Automatic mode and experiment with it as much as you can
  2. Always, always, A-L-W-A-Y-S observe, note down, record, and do anything just to be sure you remember a detail or a possible location you came across for your next shoot

Me and my best friend, who ended up being my forced photographer, really constantly observe the city anywhere we go and then remember the good locations, so for the times when I wake her up at 6,7 am to go shoot we got a location already in mind. Even though the place where we shot yesterday may seem very lonely, it was one of the main metro stations in the suburb of Amsterdam, busy with people and dirt with constant rain and cloudy weather.

DSC_0577 copyDSC_0528 copyDSC_0512 copyDSC_0537 copyDSC_0588 copy DSC_0620 copyDSC_0671 copy

| Shirt – Vintage | Coat – Vintage | Shoes –Mango| Backpack – Zara | Hat – Tiger

Do what you love. Love what you do.

Milena Sekulic




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