When going to the Vogue Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam last week we came across this beautiful purple wall that had the whole scene already set up. There was an old Mercedes Benz, purple wall and beautiful building. It seemed like everything fit together and it was standing there waiting for the picture to be taken. I love this kind of harmonic scenes, waiting there to be experimented with. I went for an all leather outfit with a pastel coat to tone it down and contrasting silver shoes. 

As you could see on my Instagram I was in Berlin over the weekend and it was a very well spent weekend. I am still editing the photos which will be uploaded soon. 

IMG_8113IMG_8157 IMG_8122IMG_8255 IMG_8209IMG_8240IMG_8103

| Shirt – Zara | Skirt – Tally Weijl | Shoes – Zara | Coat – Zara | Bag – L. Credi

Do what you love. Love what you do.

Milena Sekulic




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