The Streets

DSC_0004 copy

Believe it or not I am currently in the middle of the street catching some wifi, because all the cafe’s in my neighbourhood are closed and the wifi at home is still not set up. Whatever, everything as long as the outfit gets posted. I have few more days until my 2nd year of Fashion and Branding at AMFI in Amsterdam starts. In the mean time I am trying to exhaustively use the sunny weather in Amsterdam until it goes into raining cats and dogs 24/7. I have moved to a new house, seen new places, met new people – started my second school year exactly as I wanted. I think I am just saying bunch of bs right now in order to have something written and escape this street-looking office. Not a pleasant thing to do with an iMac, outside of the centre when it is already getting dark. 🙂DSC_0009 copyDSC_0065DSC_0024 copyDSC_0063DSC_0026 copyDSC_0104

 | Outfit – Pimkie | Shoes – Zara | Glasses – Vintage | Coat – Vintage | Bag – L.Credi

Do what you love. Love what you do.

Milena Sekulic




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