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I am currently sitting in one of my favourite cafes in Amsterdam by the canal and stealing the free view of the city they offer with accompanying free wifi. I haven’t been here in two months as I went home to Slovenia and travelled around in southern, warmer parts of Europe. The summer 2015 was lovely and I did pretty much everything I planned. However, I love when I get enough of something just in time when I have to move on. Thus, coming back to my second home, Amsterdam, was the best thing I could do. As soon as I got here it was sunny and the weather was beautiful, which left us with nothing else then to shoot, as usually in the time of 30 minutes the weather here can change from African summer to ice age. 

This time I dived into pastels with accompanying nudes and whites. It is not something I typically wear but the change felt good.IMG_6290

IMG_6539 IMG_6292 copy IMG_6342 IMG_6410IMG_6359 IMG_6428 copy

 | Outfit – Zara | Heels – Buffalo Shoes | Glasses – Vintage Shop, Amsterdam

Do what you love. Love what you do.

Milena Sekulic





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