Contrasting Serenity

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As promised on my Instagram account, I am posting the photos my bro and I   worked on in the past week. We found a really cool area of grey, almost finished buildings near Stozice in Ljubljana, Slovenia and immediately started shooting. The serenity, monotony and calmness of this place really fitted the contrasting jumping body of mine with a black and silver outfit. I wanted to recreate the movement in the photography with such a calm background to make it more appealing and intriguing. I also really like the angle of the camera that is either focused too high – on the sky or to low – on the floor, making the background of the photos different as usual. DSC03469 copy DSC03466DSC03541 copyDSC03474 copy DSC03452 copy

DSC03535 copy

 | Shirt – Zara | Pants – COS | Shoes – Zara

Do what you love. Love what you do.

Milena Sekulic




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