current mood

IMG_9642 copy

As this photo perfectly shows, I have been very absent lately. Physically and above all, mentally. I went into the summer of 2015 with my mind set on relaxation and carefreeness. Which, after amazing festivals, travels, long summer nights, crazy adventures and lovely moments I got. And I am so happy for that. But, I am going to Amsterdam soon to apply for the second year at AMFI and I am very excited for that. However, I need to calm down before that and I got exactly one month to go. I haven’t planned any major travels in August which leaves me with plenty of time for yoga, mountains, chill sessions, summer house clean ups and relaxing.

The photo above was shot in Amsterdam with one of my favourite photographers and friends which I posted approx. two months ago or so. I went back to it to edited it. And whenever I go crazy on editing I am scared to show it to the other people because of their reaction and not-understanding of my perception of world and art. I like to play with photography and photoshop in properly extreme ways, because it gives me a lot of freedom. I don’t need to prove that I ‘know’ how to do it properly, I just want to experiment and play.

IMG_11171DSC_0239 copy    DSC_0241 copy


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