48 Hours

DSC_0375 copy

As you will be reading this I will already be on my first summer trip to Ljubljana. Yesterday evening I took the flight to my home city and since I haven’t been here in two months, I am quite excited. I am also excited about the further projects, shoots and street styles that I will be doing on my travels and able to share them with you online. However, I am not planning on staying there for more than 48hours. On tuesday I will already be on my next trip, further south in the Balkans. Stay updated on facebook, instagram to know where I am going, to which festivals i will be mingling to and  what am I wearing throughout my trips.

This time I am presenting you a black and white edition of the outfit I shot last week. I love how the absence of colour enables you to see much more than you would have otherwise.

DSC_0340 copy DSC_0380 copy DSC_0326 copy DSC_0330 copy DSC_0334 copyDSC_0390 copy

 | Outfit – Zara | Blazer – Promod | Shoes – Mango |

Do what you love. Love what you do.

Milena Sekulic




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