At Peace

DSC_0153 copy

In my last post you were able to read about the striving mission of my blog and how I visualise the whole process. I am happy I finally got the whole story out and stopped keeping it in for myself, thinking that it is obvious and clear. I feel good about my blog striving towards the creation of stories, because I can show you all the hundreds sides of me and my work. It offers me and you so much more freedom. Self-interpreation is probably the key. For this outfit post I was looking for something neutral and monotone (like every time) and on the way to finding this ‘neutral’ we came across these infinite patterns, something completely different. I immediately knew that combining that with my outfit could look very impressive. Playing with the composition and altering the natural dimensions of the human body through the photography opened new doors and visions. This resulted in the photos seen below.

Hmm, I might look a bit scary or mean, but I am not.
DSC_0094 copy
DSC_0097 copyDSC_0129 copyDSC_0161DSC_0146 copyDSC_0102 copy1DSC_0170 copy IMG_1546 copy

 | Blouse – Vintage | Pants – COS | Shoes – Mango | Watch – Michael Kors

Do what you love. Love what you do.

Milena Sekulic




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