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Hello everyone,

Maybe you have noticed, maybe not. But I need to come clear about this. I have already received many questions and ‘complaints’ as to what I am doing currently comes across as very confusing. That the photos are not clear enough to be visible as to which outfit I am wearing and how does it look on me. I have had this blog since more than a year and in the meantime I have changed countries (Germany—> Holland, woohoo), schools, lifestyles, friends, everything. So obviously my way of thinking and creating has changed majorly as I was exposed to many different sources of inspiration and ideas. I stayed very open minded about the whole thing because I knew I wanted to change and upgrade my style, not just clothing-wise but also way we shot, edited, made and thought. 

However in this process I might not have been clear enough and left a lot of viewers and readers un-updated and lost. I wanted my way of working to come across clearly and directly, however haven’t made it so because in the whole process of work and excitement that I have finally found my ’style’ I forgot to let you know what my blog and me are really about.

As you have probably noticed I have transitioned from so called ‘fashion blogger’ to a blogger that cares about much more than just fashion an outfits. I found very inspiring and interesting to care about specific location we are shooting at, every time edit the photos differently, add elements that seem odd and different and just play with the whole scene. I came to the idea that the key idea of my blog is:

“It is not just about the outfit or location or the photography. I try to create a story within each post.”

I hope it is a bit clearer now and if you guys have any other questions or comments to hesitate to send me an email, comment of Instagram, Facebook or comment directly on the blog.

Do what you love. Love what you do.

Milena Sekulic


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