Correct is fine. But it is better to be interesting

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  • Correct is fine. But it is better to be interesting. – The Icarus Deception

We have been seduced. We were taught and raised in a way to avoid and fear the art and to rather accept the grinding banality of sameness of compliance, of sitting in a cubicle or swallowing our pride in a meeting. Now that we have built the industrial world surrounding us, we have forced ourselves into believing that the only thing that matters is scoring high SAT scores and having a clean house. We have been taught that the arts should be avoided under any circumstances and that being safe is the best option. Actually the only option. Once you are not safe anymore, once you are under risk, oh well, that is no good. However, safe doesn’t generate growth, safe doesn’t bring happiness and safe isn’t fun after all.

We totally abandoned the path of repeated failure, vulnerability and unpredictability. Why? Because the shadow of safe has covered us all and pushed us in a white circle, where everything is clear, obvious and direct. Is this right? I don’t know, because nothing seems right or wrong anymore. But is this the way it should be? NO! Instead of white circle we should be pushed in the black circle, where nothing is visible, everything seems unpredictable, exciting and full of unknown. Go for that unknown, go for experiments, failure, adrenalin, try outs, go for exciting not boring, risky not safe.

What is wrong is that people were taught how to learn, know something by heart, follow the rules and meet the deadline. Experimentation and mystery of arts seem to be forgotten, because art requires an artist, risk and care, which in such a fast pace of world cannot be given that easily. Today, when the modern times have taken over, we are all artists, or at least we all have the potential to be. The only thing that is holding us back is us.

Thank you Seth Godin for your wise word, memorable lessons and powerful influence.


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Sweater – Stradivarius | Pants – Zara | Sneakers – Adidas | Parka – Jack Wills

Do what you love. Love what you do.



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