Blue. The lips should be red, pink or skin colour, but even that is sometimes odd. The colour should be nowhere close to green, blue and other ‘weird’ colours, because after all blue is meant for jeans, sky, sea and boys. Pink goes for girls and blue goes for boys. This is how the world has been divided ever since and if anything is not according to the rules, such as if you let your kid wear all black the world is going to get outraged (KK and North) and you are going to be marked as a torturer. Because, apparently, all the colours that don’t go with the stereotypes society has been building for ages are seen as weird, wrong and unbelievable.

There is so much more to the colour than just the shade, look and the name. There is so much a colour can tell about one’s personality, emotions and style.

DSC_0111 copyj

DSC_0153 copyDSC_0166DSC_0093 copy DSC_0183 copy  DSC_0061 DSC_0062 copy

Have a lovely start of the weekend and let this post inspire you in experimenting with colours and meanings, using them differently and moving away from your comfort zone.

Hoodie – Zara | Pants – Monki | Sneakers – Nike Air Max | Lip Pencil – Flormar (blue and white)

Do what you love. Love what you do.



2 thoughts on “Universe

  1. The outfit looks great and so do the blue lips.
    I think its great to challenge stereotypes and I bet at some point blue lips will be trendy and everyone will want to try it! Xx

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