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Imagine we live in a genderless world, where gender and defining of who and what you are and what is ‘appropriate’ or ‘inappropriate’ for your sex wouldn’t exist.  Close your eyes and imagine. That would mean so much freedom, there wouldn’t be sexism problems, same-sex or different-sex marriages issues, there wouldn’t be separations on any kind of basis and there wouldn’t be definitions and stereotyping of ‘stronger’ and ‘weaker’ sex. Things such as ‘kitchen’ jokes, ‘your mama’ and ‘you can’t do this because you are a girl’ wouldn’t be used in contemporary sense at all. On a daily basis we are confronted with sexist jokes, problems or just small comments which became used so often that we don’t even register them anymore.

I hear things like ‘you are so strong for a girl’ or ‘you don’t behave like a proper lady’ so much, that it kind of becomes very irritating and wrong if you think about it. Why? Because we live in 21st century and the sexism and gender-seperation problems are a thing of the past generations, which still somehow make their way back to us living in the year of 2015. The worst thing about this is that we don’t really do anything about it and, even worse, we got used to it so much we use it in a everyday context such as ‘man-up’, ‘be a man and do it’, which means that there are still strong expectations of how certain sex should behave, what is their function and what kind of life they should live. In the end we are all just people and there shouldn’t be any kind of obligation forced upon anyone as to a way they should live, behave or socialise except having a respect for one another.

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Shirt – Vintage Gold Label | Pants – Stradivarius | Shoes – Adidas Vintage | Coat – All Saints |  Watch – Michael Kors

Do what you love. Love what you do.



7 thoughts on “Genderless

  1. Totally agree with what you’re saying. In a world like ours, I guess in a lot of ways it’s important to recognise that the problems lie within the gender binary and rarely within the concept of gender itself. Gender is a spectrum that shouldn’t have things attached to it like behaviours, characteristics, clothes, etc, yet somehow it does. Deconstructing these and celebrating diversity is what I’m all about!

    Loving your blog, and your look in this post is absolute perfection!


    1. Yes, I love how you so get me! 🙂 It is rather annoying and rude to expect something from someone just based on their gender and people’s assumptions and stereotypes attached to it. Love love love your blog, Sarah, and thanks for coming across mine, these messages are worth spreading.
      Thank you for everything ❤

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