Wool on Denim

DSC_0034 copy

Denim on denim = my first time to do this, since I always refused to follow this trend.

However, I did make little changes to it, by adding very textured and wrinkled denim DKNY vintage top on tight denim jeans. I was doubting between the heels and sneakers, but then at the end still went for comfortable, casual Converse. On top of double denim I added a wooden cardigan and completed the look with red lipstick. Getting out of my constant all-black-all-the-time outfits was challenging but fun.

DSC_0031 copy DSC_0032 copy  DSC_0111 copyDSC_0079 copy DSC_0104 copy DSC_0112 copy DSC_0107 copy

Shirt – DKNY Vintage | Pants – Pimkie | Cardigan– Zara | Shoes – Converse | Watch – Michael Kors

Do what you love. Love what you do.



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