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As promised I am uploading a post from the holidays spent in Belgrade, Serbia. We were so lucky this day to get such a beautiful weather on such beautiful place, Kalemegdan. You will notice that the focus of the shoot wasn’t the outfit but the whole photography experimentation with the sunset and surroundings. The whole mood even at the shoot was very calm, fairly-tale like, as the Sunset, the warmness and its colours really created a tranquillising atmosphere. I get very satisfied when emotions become visible on the photos, since it gives me a sign that we did our job right. I don’t always want to just show the outfits, I love to experiment with exposition and photography since it gives that extra touch and brings the reader and the blog much closer.

I hope it inspires you in some way and I wish you all a beautiful weekend.

DSC_0265 copyDSC_0208 copy DSC_0170 copy DSC_0165 copy  DSC_0212 DSC_0257 copy

DSC_0303 copy

Outfit – COS | Shoes – Mango | Cardigan – Monki

Do what you love. Love what you do.



11 thoughts on “Tranquility

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    Trying to learn more through feedback in order to create a better blog for tomorrow.

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