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I have been re-editing my ‘About’ page for quite some while now and I always wanted to write down something that is going to mark my blog and just be something very recognisable for BraidsAndEyeliner, however, I have never thought to put down how I feel about my blog, how do I get inspired and, most importantly, why do I do it.

I always tried to put in words specific details or pieces of garments that are very ‘Me‘, but never knew how and where to start. Only lately, I have slowly come to conclusion that maybe there isn’t a piece that is definitely ‘Me‘, maybe there isn’t that specific accessory that marks my style or that hairstyle that I always wear (besides that ‘dramatic’ eyeliner makeup and braided hairstyle of mine). Why? Because me, my style and my blog are all about change and experimentation. That has always bothered me in a sense that being able to transform into different characters and knowing that you can pull of a style of a ‘Modern College’ or ‘Vintage Modesty’ or ‘Timeless Classics‘ ‘90s‘ isn’t so ‘cool’. Now I am proud of that. Now I know that being able to change and transform within minutes is my style. Change, that’s my style.

Last but not least, I love to pass on the knowledge. I love to share what I learn and how it affects me. I love to show that there isn’t just one answer or perspective to certain things and everything can be easily twisted to get a totally different result (in my case – different styles). In past couple of years I have learned a lot about cultures, people and perspectives. Thus I love to pull inspiration from everything I learn, observe and come to conclusion. I read magazine articles and books, I go exhibitions, I shoot street-style and I visit new places. Thus everything I have just said is also available on my blog as a great source of knowledge and inspiration (you can find it in tabs next to the tab ‘About’).

This outfit combination is a mix between strong colours and different textures. It is a complete contrast to the background, but I love it. Why always try the obvious?

DSC_1701 copy DSC_1719 copyDSC_1750 copyDSC_1681 copy    DSC_1756 copy

Outfit – Zara | Shoes – Buffalo Shoes | Jacket – Mango | Jewellery – Bijou Brigitte, H&M

Do what you love. Love what you do.



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