The Old and The New

DSC_0171 copy

I tend to try to over-complicate my outfits. “Try this jewellery with this outfit, and then add some earrings, and then change the shoes, and then add a scarf and this and that”. And then, it looks like bunch of beautiful pieces forced to be combined together. It doesn’t work that way, and I keep on telling myself that it doesn’t but then I still tend to complicate the outfit to the max. It is something I have been seeing on people with amazing style, but then quickly noticed that this one piece just doesn’t fit with it and it ruins the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong; layering, combining clothes and piling it up can still look very good, but sometimes minimalism and simplicity can create a great sense of modernism and classical elegance.

It is like your table where you work. More you stuff up your limited work-place more confusion there is going to be and harder you are going to get your mind clear and recognise what, how and why you are working on something.

Thus I went for a very simplistic, monotone outfit with a spike of beautiful bronze details that worked well with the 50-shades-of-brown-kinda hair that I own. Hope it inspires you in some way and I wish you a lovely weekend.

DSC_0191 copyDSC_0172DSC_0247 copy   3DSC_0202 copy DSC_0251 copy  DSC_0108

Sweater – Vintage | Pants  – COS | Knee-Socks – H&M | Shoes – Mango | Earrings – Bijou Brigitte

Do what you love. Love what you do.



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