As mentioned on my Instagram account, I promised I will do a short overview accompanied with photos of the TRIPTIEK 2015 event I have visited last week in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is was fashion show with a twist. 260 AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) students, who study Fashion&Branding, Fashion&Design and Fashion&Management at AMFI have collaborated together in order to come up with the 10 completely new and innovative brand concepts. Specialty about this whole collaboration was that they only had 3 weeks (3 WEEKS?) to come up with the concept, create clothes, take care of the separate sculpture 3D installations, that were also exhibited at the show, which provided extra information on business plan, concept, brand’s philosophy, materials used and etc., and organise the whole event. Each brand had around 3-5 minutes to present the models that were wearing their clothes, where during their catwalk there was a big screen showing their brand logo and music in the background which set up the exact mood of the brand that they wanted.

TRIPTIEK 2015 was an event like no other, where students’ hard work paid off in smart and unique ideas for innovative brand concepts with the specific focus on the more sustainable future and how they see fashion in the year of 2025.

IMG_8691 IMG_8693 IMG_8696 IMG_3255

First one up was brand called ‘Korreltje Zout,’, which in English translates into a grain of salt. The inspiration, as they said, came from the Dutch strong culture’s tradition of fishing, which also resulted in the chosen colour palette and including the  fish wire into one of the designs (grey voluminous jacket).

IMG_8718 IMG_3257

Next one up was brand called ‘Punt’, which in English translates into Point. It was clear that their design’s shapes and forms created wanted to make a certain point for the viewer. What was really interesting about this brand’s designs is that during the show four assistants came to remove part of the garments models were wearing, which showed a completely different, minimalistic side of the designs.

IMG_8713 IMG_8736IMG_8730 IMG_8729

The third brand to present its innovative concept designs was ‘Aleph’, where the geometrical and angular forms and shapes inspired on the basis and work of the Dutch artist, M.C. Escher.

IMG_8753 copy IMG_8752IMG_8748

Next one up was ‘Floot’, where the brand’s philosophy was to build up heavy and bulky materials on top of each other in order to demonstrate architect’s Koen Olthuis vision and work of structuring societies on water.

IMG_8754 IMG_8766    IMG_8767 IMG_8777IMG_8761 IMG_8773

Fifth brand concept being presented was ‘Bao’, which with its shapes, forms created on the garment separately and colour palette incorporated aimed to analyse the unstoppable flow if information amongst people.

IMG_8790 IMG_8788

Next one up was ‘Node’, whose main signatures were the metallic colour palette and the design with significantly big form, creating an open back.

IMG_8792 IMG_8801 IMG_8791 IMG_8794

One of my definitely favourite designs were from ‘Intona’, which with its all-black outfit designs and unusual forms caught my attention. The straws that were hanging from the designs, looked very unusual, but due to their ability of being able to be taken off and re-attached on some other place seemed very functional and able to fit the wearer’s desires.

IMG_8820 IMG_8807 IMG_8823

The eight brand up was ‘Metanoia’, whose inspiration derived from the history of their home country, Netherlands. The colour palette resulted in very bright shades with few tints of grey, brown and beige.

IMG_8838 IMG_8842IMG_8836 IMG_8834 IMG_8831  IMG_3291

The second-last one up was ‘Vessel’, whose inspiration of water and life on the water (which is very typical for the Netherlands – house boats and etc), resulted in the materials they used and shapes formed, such as the design the guy is wearing, resembling a shape of the boat. Very interesting was also the small detail on one of the girl’s hair, which creates such beautifully  flowing lines across one part of the face.

IMG_3294 copyIMG_8848  IMG_8853 IMG_8844 IMG_8846 IMG_8857

The last one up to show its brand concept and design was called ‘Isonomy’, whose unusual forms created around the neck on one design and sleeves on the other could have had a close resemblance with the fashion silhouette today, yet with a twist and originally exaggerated shapes.

IMG_8864 IMG_3271 copy

With such a great event that I have visited I hope I could have inspired some of you and gave you a close insight into the work of AMFI students and innovative concepts they have all come up with. The event turned to host over thousand people, which was such a success and great way of spending the Wednesday night.

Thank you, Pierre Denaro, for such great photos.

IMG_8894 copy

Do what you love. Love what you do.



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