Braids And Eyeliner


Back to basics.

This post symbolizes my start of the blog and my first thoughts that were directed towards my current study and future career – Fashion. It all started with my interest into different hairstyles, make-up and outfits, which is where my inspiration for the name of the blog and the blog itself came from. As the name of the blog goes ‘BraidsAndEyeliner’, my intention was to put my interests and the direction of the blog in one name, where the name itself will already explain the whole content of the blog. Braids in my case symbolise, not only braided hair itself, but also different hairstyles and experimentation with them, while the eyeliner showcases the symbolic eyeliner make-up that I always wear and the variety of make-up that I intend to experiment with.  Since it has been a year of the \BraidsAndEyeliner’ Blog existence I thought it would be very appropriate to fit a post somewhere in-between that has a strong connection to the beginning and cause of existence of this blog.

I hope you will enjoy this blog post and thank you everyone for reading, lovely comments and suggestions I receive every time, I really appreciate them.

DSC_1717 DSC_16911DSC_1710 copy DSC_1796DSC_1803

Dress – Zara | White Knitted Sweater – Stradivarius | Shoes – Mango | Jacket – Mango | Watch – Michael Kors | Rings – H&M, Zara | Earrings – Bijou Brigitte

Do what you love. Love what you do.



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