Anonymity. Why not. There is so much I wanted to tell with this outfit, yet nothing at all at the same time. Fashion. Clothing. Fabrics. Colours. Make up. It gives you so much freedom, yet society and its rules constrain you from reaching it. Ability of transforming yourself in whichever character you wish makes life so much more entertaining.

Lately I have been asked quite frequently as to why have I chosen some specific colour, why is my outfit so monotone, my lips so red and my hair so colourful. It seems like the wish of knowing reasons behind our actions is there but the desire of understanding them seems to be fading away. The desire of wanting to know why, how and when, the desire of wanting to see another side of the story and the desire of wanting to enter a new world and gain new experiences seems to be slowly fading away. Social constrains, rules, trends and authorities seem to be doing a very good job at that, but the main reason as to why such things are happening are due to the changes in individual’s mentality in order of being able to ‘fit in the group’.

I am talking about all social changed happening today that get so much attention and contradiction just due social unapproving, but in the end we are all just people. Anonymous to each other. Change? Why not.  DSC_1744 copyDSC_1765 copyDSC_1705 copy DSC_1595 copy     DSC_1600 copyDSC_1712 copyDSC_1764 copy

Dress – COS|Sweater – Stradivarius|Shoes – Belgrade Shoe Store|

Do what you love. Love what you do.



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