Mondayspiration – Power of Nature

DSC_1426 copy

Continuing my little project from last week’s post, this time I got inspired by nature’s power and beautiful human made prints and patterns. I always find myself amazed by the whole autumn atmosphere, colours and mood. Even during the early morning fog, when nothing is recognisable and everything looks so scary and strange, I love it. Why? When the temperature gets really low, the trees loose their leaves and everything suddenly changes from boiling July and August, the nature seems to be regaining the power and strength. It seems like there is a complete change in the whole attitude.

For today’s post I combined the power of nature as my background with the neutral outfit that I wore with some baroque-inspired printed scarf/pashmina. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to check out my inspirational post next week.

Sources of inspiration: pinterest


DSC_1397 copy

DSC_1371 copy DSC_1410   DSC_1442 copy

Watch – Michael Kors|Shirt – Zara|Skirt – Unknown|Coat – Episode Vintage Store Amsterdam|Shoes-Mango|Scarf – Street Shops in Mexico

Do what you love. Love what you do.



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