Magical Places


There is a beautiful forrest next to the place where I live and I love going there, it is like a magical place in the middle of the busy city. Sometimes the traffic noise, people in constant hurry and fast pace of life can really stress me out and this place is perfect for getting my thoughts in order and re-setting my goals on my imaginary priority list. I always try to get rid of all technology or anything that could distract me when I go there running or practicing Yoga as I believe it is the best thing to do once in a while. I decided I really wanted to capture that place and moment on camera to share it with you.

DSC_0534 copyDSC_0610 copy  DSC_0487 copy  DSC_0674 copy DSC_0654 copy DSC_0566 copy  DSC_0518 copy DSC_0586 copy DSC_0495 copy

Watch – Daniel Wellington|Outfit – Zara|Shoes – Mango|Necklace – Pimkie|

Do what you love. Love what you do.



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