Functional Clothing


Before I quickly go off to Uni I decided to wake up a bit earlier this time and take my time for updating my blog. It is probably my very first time wearing such a long a big sweater, but walking down the streets of Amsterdam I was inspired to go to the first Monki store and get this sweater. After all it is so functional, not just because of the way it fits to the body but also the way it fits to Dutch weather. Back in the day, on 1st of September, I remember my first school days were marked with shorts, spaghetti strap tank tops, beautiful tan and crazy summer stories which has now changed to the rainy jackets, umbrellas and high boots. The outfit that I had was very functional and not just fashionable. It is really nice to see how fashion today is turning into more functional and practical clothes that can be very helpful in weird weather conditions but still look good. 

  DSC_0181 IMG_7273 DSC_0170DSC_0180 DSC_0172 copy

Details – as many of you have probably seen, this picture was posted on my BraidsAndEyeliner Official Instagram, check my account out for more inspiration and creativity 🙂 

IMG_7261 copy

What is Braidsandeyeliner wearing:

Shirt – H&M

Pants – Zara  

Knitted Sweater – Monki

Shoes – Nike 

Rings – H&M

Bracelets – Stradivarius 

Bag – L. Credi


Do what you love.

Love what you do.




4 thoughts on “Functional Clothing

  1. I love all the pieces, Specially the Monki Piece. Monki is such an awesome store 😀
    Im a Swedish Blogger based in London, would be awesome if you could check out my blog 😀

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