Outfit Inspiration, Destination? Amsterdam


Walking through the street of Amsterdam you see a lot of things. A lot of weird, unique and original things that you don’t see so easily around the world. Walking around the streets of Amsterdam I saw beautiful, sophisticated yet original and unique outfits and people. This was the reason why I also started my new BAE project called Outfit Inspiration Destination (OID). Every time I travel I will do my best to try to capture the culture of the city and people in my little camera objective and share it with you guys. Why? Because I think it is fun and interesting to see what other people in other countries wear, inspiring you in so many different ways. Well, hope you guys enjoy and here are only some of the bazillions of outfits that I have seen in Amsterdam that I liked and admired.





Credits definitely go to all the lovely people that I have met throughout this journey, let me take a picture and made great friends with.

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Do what you love.

Love what you do.




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