Must be the reason why I am the king of my castle


Ever since I started posting so often I realised I completely abandoned playing with Photoshop and editing my photos. I used to be quite into it and suddenly I found the iPhoto much easier, because you just need to click a couple of buttons and you are done. However, during the study break I had nothing better to do then to open my lovely Photoshop and start all the fun. I am so happy with the result as I haven’t done this in such a long time. The weather that I got today in Germany was actually quite amazing. It was cloudy and windy as hell. It gave me a lot of chances to experiment with my hair and the dress. I couldn’t do much about it once I realised the wind and my hair had its own politics and had to just let it be.

Something to chill out and read with:





I am wearing the earring that match the colour combinations of my shoes. The glittery things hanging on my foot are probably the best buy of this month, actually this year. As soon as I saw them i had to buy them in different colours. I was ordering them online and I knew that even if they won’t fit me i was gonna wear them, not matter what. Image

Some simple jewellery – rings and a bracelet in gold, pink gold colour combo. ImageImageImage

What is Braidsandeyeliner wearing:


Dress – Zara

Jumper, knitted sweater – We Never Sleep (French Boutique)


Shoes – Boohoo


Rings – Pimkie

Earring – Six



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Do what you love.


Love what you do.





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