Leather-mint-much-needed combination.


These past few weeks have been pretty busy for me, I have been running from one part of the town to another, going to school finishing off my exams, preparing for the next ones, collaborations, selling clothes and of course, fashion blogging. However, I always love the time when I get my black tea XXL mug, sit and work on my blog. I have been noticing that whenever I catch a good weather I also get good pictures and you can see my clothes much better. Colours stand out way better and I am much more satisfied when I post a good quality post 🙂 I have been ordering quite a lot of clothes, accessories and footwear lately and I am really excited to share all of my new combinations with you in the next posts. It is just crazy how much my blog and followers mean to me, as I have become so passionate about working and blogging in past few weeks. I love it! 🙂 Today I went for a leather-jacket and mint-colour-matching combination. Hope you enjoy my post.

https://soundcloud.com/sound-of-monte-carlo/symphony48 – listen, relax and read.


p.s The dog just had to be used as a prop because he is the cutest, definitely.


I really like this leather jacket from Mango as it has a lot of different and interesting details. Firstly, it is not completely made out of leather, which looks quite unusual. I also really like the details on the shoulder part of the jacket, because it kind of raises the whole shoulder level, however it still keeps it looking normal. It is very easy to wear and, what I like the most about it, it definitely has that much-needed attitude.




The big, chunky, statement necklace fits here very well as I didn’t want to add any other colours than black and mint. So to match the whole outfit and kind of give it a finish touch, I added the necklace in a black-gold combination. ImageImageImage

What is Braidsandeyeliner wearing:

Jacket – Mango

Blouse – Pimkie

Pants – Zara

Bag – Fred Perry 

Sunglasses – Polaroid

Belt – Calvin Klein

Watch – Michael Kors (the same one HERE)

Rings – Pimkie

Shoes – All Start (the same ones HERE)

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Do what you love.

Love what you do.



4 thoughts on “Leather-mint-much-needed combination.

    1. Thank you sweetie, yea me too! But sometimes it is hard to combine it with the outfit because I don’t really tend to wear mint colours, so i though mint loose blouse would be perfect. (the dog is my friend’s but i love him, he is such a cutie).

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