Pops of pink


Hey, hey. I am so happy with today’s outfit as it brings up my mood due to such nice, clean, clear and basic colour combinations. Honestly, I tend to combine brighter colour on the upper part of my body and darker on the lower part, but this time I switched the roles. I wanted to go all black, again, but I quickly changed my mind. With this weather I thought that all-black-everything would be boring and too-everydayish. I think that bright yellow and pink colours go really well together with black leather and some minimalistic accessories.



The blouse already has some small crystals so I didn’t really want to over-do the accessories part around my neck. However, I did add the cutest small earrings, beautiful rose that matches the bag and some small bracelets around my arm. The colour of the sunglasses as well brightens up the whole outfit.




What is Braidsandeyeliner wearing:

Blouse – Pimkie

Skirt – Pimkie

Wedges – Boohoo

Bag –Boohoo

Bracelet – Bijou Brigitte, Pimkie

Earrings – Bijou Brigitte

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Do what you love.

Love what you do.




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