The Leather Weather


Successfully, I have been getting such a perfect weather here in Germany which not only helps the colours and the way photographs look but lets me experiments with variety of summer outfits and accessories. I am just before my final exams and I am a bit nervous as I don’t like sitting in one place for hours and writing. I mean i like the writing part, but I just have too much energy to stay in one place for so long :). To all of you that are in the same place as me and are studying for finals, the best best best of luck. And as my dad would say: We can do it!

This time I went for a very chic Karen Millen dress that I definitely adore! You will se on the photos down below that it is a very simple, skater dress, however the see-through and leather materials make it look very sexy. However sexy in a classy way. I have always been a fan of different materials and preferred choosing slightly see-through, leather and knitted materials over deep cuts and showing of a lot of skin. The same, leather boots, bag and the jacket give that finish touch to the whole look and gave an impression of a rebellious yet chic/cool girl, who decides about her own destiny and knows what she wants.



You have probably seen on my Instagram how much I have been obsessing about this hairstyle. I love it! It looks so sophisticated, glamorous and just perfect. I got inspired by a tutorial fashion blogger Kayture made couple of days ago. It is so simple, yet it looks complicated as hell. The point is you put your hair in a low pony tail (could put it in a high one if you prefer like that) and then divide your hair into two parts from which you make two braids. You take one braid and with the help of bobby pins you try to put it around the pony tail. You do the same with other braid. However if you want to have your braided bun at the end bigger you gotta make sure you spread those two braids out when you are pinning them to the hair.



This hairstyle is perfect for this outfit as it allows the details on the dress and the accessories around my neck to stand out more.



I used a lot of gold and pink-gold jewellery as the outfit only had two colours – black and grey. I went really hardcore with all the rings, bracelets, necklace and the watch 🙂



What is Braidsandeyeliner wearing:

Dress – Designer Karen Millen

Jacket – Only

Boots – Boohoo

Bag -L. Credi

Bracelet – Bijou Brigitte, Pimkie

Necklace – Pimkie

Earrings – Bijou Brigitte

Watch – Michael Kors

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Do what you love.

Love what you do.



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