GOOD VIBES, happy life.



I love the black and white outfit combinations and then adding tints of really bright colours such as gold, silver, bright red or, as you see here, neon pink. Black and white outfits tend to look boring sometimes so this is just the perfect idea to brighten up the whole look. Hope this outfit gives you ideas or inspire you in some way to try something new soon. Not only playing with colours, but the materials you include, should also be different and interesting. I have included wool, silk and leather. Leather, again, really proved that it is the material, which can totally make outfit look way differently and give it the finish touch. I included black shiny and matt type and I think it looks very good together. As you can see in my previous posts, I have been playing with leather for quite some while now and really does give that modern, youthful look.




As you can see I went for a quite simple, yet casual hairstyle. It is very important to know that once you have very nice-looking, extravagant looking details around your neck ( in my case the collar or it could be also a necklace), it is very advisable to have hairstyle done in such a way that the details would still be visible. Casual cinnamon buns, normal messy buns and pony tails are perfect for such looks.



The variety of different materials the outfit includes already contains a lot of details and interesting parts, so I didn’t really try to over-do the whole accessorise party but just add a tint of gold and bronze colour.


Perfect gold-bronze combination that spices up the outfit and very nicely matches with the gold stripes on the shiny leather bag.


What is Braidsandeyeliner wearing:

Blouse – Zara

Skirt – Tally Wejl

Wool sweater – Hollister

Shoes – Mango

Bracelet – Bijou Brigitte

Earrings – Local Shop

Watch – Michael Kors


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Do what you love.

Love what you do.



5 thoughts on “GOOD VIBES, happy life.

  1. Love everything about the outfit, black and white with a pop of colour, tres chic. That phone case is tooooooo pretty, I want one”! You’ve got a really nice blog going, you could check mine out also and let me know what you think. xoxo


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