It’s all real easy – less is more!


The title definitely goes for the fact that I had this dress in my wardrobe since last year’s prom and I have never worn it since then. I have been thinking about it a lot as I really wanted to try to wear in a casual way, but had no idea how. Looking through different fashion blogs and magazines I realised that putting just a simple cover-up can already make the dress look totally different. I never thought that the quote “Less is more” is true, but as I always try to complicate things and over-do them thousand times, the quote really does make my whole life easier.


Simple knitted cardigans or jans jackets definitely make this whole task of transforming from glam to casual styles, easier and much more comfortable. The dress that I am wearing has some really fancy, good-looking details on the upper part, that make the dress look much more formal. Covering them with the jeans jacket really was the best choice, as the dress looks much more casual and chill.



The Footwear:

Now, there are actually so many ways of which shoes you would like to wear with such maxi dresses and there is no such thing that the footwear will either make the outfit or break it. Why? Because once you are wearing maxi dress it’s actually really easy to combine it with whichever footwear you want, so flats (ballerinas, flip flops), sneakers, high heels and even boots. It is so amazing that the maxi dresses are open to so many different styes, but just be careful what type of cardigan (if any) you would combine it with it.


I went with shiny leather, black flats, that I have been, again, ordering online (the website and my experiences are also mentioned in my previous posts). The dress is so long so you pretty much barely see the flats but still gotta make a smart choice. This is also why I then combined them wight he black, shiny leather bag that goes very well with the flats. However, for such occasions you could also choose another coloured bag with same material – shiny leather.


The Accessories

I went for a multiple, chain necklace, that really was the finish touch for this look. I combined it with the watch, that as you have noticed, is a very important part of my almost every outfit and a small ring 🙂




The Hairstyle:

I love the beach-wavy look that I can create with my hair. Looks very casual, chic and is very easy to do. With his dress, if you are not going for the glamorous looking outfit, this hairstyle is perfect. Image



What is Braidsandeyeliner wearing?

Dress – Zara

Jeans jacket – H&M

Shoes –

Multiple Chain Necklace – Stradivarius

Watch – Michael Kors

Ring – H&M

Glasses – Ray Ban

By the way, I am so grateful that I have been able to release my Facebook Official Braids and Eyeliner Site, so for the viewers and readers that don’t have Instagram acounts will be able to follow me and get all the latest news on there.

I would like to say thank you for all the beautiful comments that I got last time and for all the beautiful followers that are following Braidsandeyeliner. Whenever you feel like, don’t hesitate to ask, comment or just simply say hi! 🙂


Do what you love.

Love what you do.



4 thoughts on “It’s all real easy – less is more!

  1. I have to admit that I love your style, I love your clothes, I love your hair-style, I love your make up, I love you. I adore you.

    xoxo NK

    P.S. I am proud of myself, because I have the same cute purse as my lovely fashion guru.

    1. Neza, ena drugi sva inspiracija. Hvala, ker si bla tuki vsa ta leta in sem prepricana da se bos, ker si mi dosti pomagala. Ljubim te sreco moja, karkoli rabis sem tuki 🙂

      xoxo MM

      P.S. meni se je ta torbica v soboto strgala, ahgrrrrr.

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