The whole leather situation


I could probably say that this is one of my favourite looks so far, as it seems so different and rebellious. Looking back at my posts i noticed that there is a lot of pink and cute, pastel colours, so this time i decided to step out and try something different. Honestly, I get bored very quickly and that is also why I established my store online, because as soon as i buy some things, I seek them even sooner. This can be good and bas at the same time, but it works for me very well because that way i try so many different things in a short amount of time without wasting anything or having regrets.


I don’t usually do this, but I tried combining black, leather jacket with light jeans. I don’t really know why i never do this, its probably because I just hate seeing lighter colour on the bottom, but I honestly think it worked out pretty good this time. And yes, to all the fashionistas out there, leather jacket is a must now, it was yesterday and for sure it will be tomorrow.




This jacket even has the spiky studs which look phenomenal, however, my hair often gets stuck in there and it’s not nice. I could also post A short, simple DIY on how to combine studs with bunch of different clothes. You can order studs online (quite cheap) or buy them, but it’s sometimes hard to find them. What I used to do is buy cheap belts with studs and take the studs off 🙂


As this bog’s name pretty much exists due to my obsession with eyeliner and braided hairstyles, i have realised that I have never really shown you guys my braided hairstyles, except on my Instagram account, where I really show bunch of different make up and hairstyles throughout days. Whenever the front hairs (baby hair or just the hair that is next to your face) is annoying this hairstyle is more than perfect. I love doing it, because that way my hair doesn’t get in my way and it looks so chic and adorable. It is just braiding next to your head (on whichever side of your head you want) until you almost cross the half of your head and tightening it up with bobby pins. For extra volume make sure you try to take bits of pieces out and at the end fix it with the hair spray.


I added also a shiny bag because all the leather that i wore was matt and this gave it an extra touch 🙂Image

I have noticed that these, open boots are becoming seriously popular due to their chic, unique and very different look and comfort. I just ordered them last week over and I am seriously impressed by how cool and cute they look and how well together they go with different styles and outfits.


Some gold and bronze accessories fit here very nice, but i tried avoiding the necklaces and anything around my neck as they wouldn’t be so visible due to the crazy pattern on my shirt.



What is Braidsandeyeliner wearing?

Shirt – Zara

Jeans – Pimkie

Boots – Sergio Todzi (

Watch – Michael Kors

Bracelet – Gina Tricot

Glasses – Colosseum

Thanks for reading the post, I am very grateful for every question or comment I get. So, whenever you want, don’t hesitate to ask something, comment or just simply say hi 😉

Do what you love.

Love what you do.






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