You can be true to yourself and you can be you. And it works.



I thought that as soon as the colder days will be over that I will be getting over my black addictions and it seemed like I was right for couple of posts. Then I realised that I’m still not over it. ; ) The weather is so nice here and it is so good taking a car and cruising around the city, finding out new spots and hidden parks. This time I found another cute pathway whilst going around the city, with cute little houses, parks and spirit. It was so lovely for my outfit update.



The hair-do was inspired by the photos of high fish tail braids seen on some blogs. I really wanted to make it look a bit messy as having a perfect fishtail braid is boring. This look is actually really easy to make. You make a high, tight pony tail and start making a fishtail braid (look up youtube videos, there are looooots os how-to’s ;)). Once you make it (remember, you can make it come until the end or if your hands feel tired just knot the tie halfway and nothing would be wrong), you can apply some hair spray and start spreading the bits of the braid out, watching you still keep the shape of the fishtail braid visible. You can spread the bits of the braid out with your hands or something pointy, like a pencil, but it is easier with your hands. For the end you can also raise some bits of your hair in the front to create even more messier and natural look at the same time. Image

(you can see her how it looks from the profile – see the raised bits of my hair in the front? it is not neatly polished back as in some of my other hairstyles)


I always tend to put the sweater or whatever I am wearing over my shirt/blouse over my shoulders because I love how it can change the outfit.


Details: I couldn’t really fit the necklace because I felt that the details on the blouse were enough. I really like the blouse just because there is no need to add many accessories as it is adorable as it is already. For jewellery I used a big gold-black ring and simple earrings.Image


Image ImageImage

(this photo cracks me up, as it was supposed to be focused at me but the camera failed me)Image


What is Braidsandeyeliner wearing?

Blouse – Pimkie

Pink knitted Sweater – Hollister

Black pants – Zara

Shoes – Nike Air Max

Jewellery  – Ring and Earrings (H&M)

Wallet/Clutch – Louis Vuitton


Oh btw, In my previous posts I have been talking about the Art exhibition and how I had to display all my projects made throughout the two-year course programme. Well, even though i always had a thought in my head that I am just simply not good enough and that there are so many  other artists that are better than me I was the winner of the “Artist of the year” award. It is definitely one of my biggest accomplishments and important things i have achieved in my life.The photo below shows the piece that was ‘responsible’ for getting em an award.

Image (185cm x 110cm)

Thanks for reading the post, I am very grateful for every question or comment I get. So, whenever you want, don’t hesitate to ask something, comment on something or just simply say hi 😉

Do what you love.

Love what you do.




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