Everybody dies but not everybody lives



Put the jeans jacket on, it makes the whole outfit look more chic and youthful. Really? But…No, get rid of the white strict blazer, put the jacket on and lets get started. I wanna eat asap. – she said.

Im continuing the post – it feels good when you feel good – because it truly does. Like when you are annoyed with everything and all of sudden you have that ‘click’ in your head. You do change. You feel it, it is unexplainable. I just came back from yoga. I have been running from places to places all day and cancelled some plans with friends because i needed to go to that yoga class. For those of you who do it, no explanations needed and for those of who you who are still not familiar with it, what are you waiting for?



As I kinda predicted on my Instagram account, this time I went for a pattern-denim kind of a look. It’s always something so strict that I wear, and as the spring is coming to Bonn, this was perfect time to put something more casual on. The city of Bonn is otherwise known for a very green city so it is so beautiful now when the flowers and trees started growing.


I used to never combine leggings and shorts, because I thought it never looked good on me. Ever since i started buying more kind of relaxed shorts, that are not so tight and are very comfortable to walk in, I shorts-leggings combinations much more often. The shorts that I am wearing this time are normal, high-waisted shorts with a very beautiful lace outline at the end. It is just a small detail but it looks gorgeous.


By the way, I never had ombre hair treatments or anything related to dying only half of your hair but my hair has this weird pigment (that changes with the weather) and seems to be different in every hair. In the hardcore sun it looks red-golden orange, in the cloudy weather it seems to be orange-brown and then sometimes turn outs to be blonde or chocolate brown (ah, girl-with-multiple-hair-pigment problems ;)).


The top I chose has an animal print in the front and back, but only in the middle of the shirt. By the shoulders and down to hips it is  only white, softer material. And it is more of a baggy, relaxed kinda shirt, but i tucked it in my tights this time, that you can’t really see it.


As mentioned before, over i put the denim jacket that only comes to the waists (where the shorts begin). For all the girls with a body shape similar to mine, these kind of outfits are very good, comfortable and suitable for such body shapes 😉


I really didn’t want to over contrast the shirt with pattern and denim jacket with too much jewellery, so I only went for a simple double golden chain.


With the whole outfit I also thought adding the ballerinas in bright red colour with the dark-green over shoulder bag would look very chic. I used to be obsessed with the same-shoe-colour-same-bag-colour outfits/styles, but now I think that its the time to start something new. Being inspired by the Peter Pilotto’s great new collections, all the patterns, colours mixures and other craziness going on there is really something that should be the leading motto for the upcoming spring and summer 2014.


What is braidsandeyeliner wearing?

Jeans jacket – H&M

Pattern shirt – Zara

Shorts – Pimkie

Green Bag – Mango

Double chain – Gina Tricot


I also created a new Instagram account – especially for the blog (name: braidsandeyeliner), where I post even more often and show what I am wearing at that time. There is a lot of inspirational stuff going on there 😉



Thanks for reading the post, I am very grateful for every question or comment I get. So, whenever you want, don’t hesitate to ask something, comment on something or just simply say hi 😉


Do what you love.

Love what you do.



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