It feels good to feel good.


When everything is in place and your days are going spontaneous/as planned (whatever you like) then you feel good. I know I’m talking weird, but Im feeling good atm, and i like that feeling.

On Monday I had an Art Exhibition, which is an exhibition where I presented all my artwork that i have made throughout the two year programme in my school. Its an amazing feeling when press, relatives, friends and strangers come to see my work and are interested in my work and have questions about my work and my ideas. I felt so proud. Enough of that. What I wanted to say is that the photos I have made might not be the best quality, but I truly hope that the outfit I wore that day will in some way inspire you for trying new and different clothing combinations.


I curled my hair and went for a very relaxed kind of hairstyle, still keeping the curls very week defined and polished with the ton of hairspray, making them look glam, chic and casual at the same time. I don’t know, when I curl my hair I sometimes look in the mirror and think to myself why am I doing this to my hair, why? I won’t be able to properly brush it for the next million years and the hairstyle is only going to last for 1hour max, as I have so much and such heavy hair. The life-decisions made in the bathroom, holding a hot curler in one hand and tweezers, whilst plugging my eyebrows, in other hand, kill me.




I am wearing a very relaxed, thin and see-through shirt that is much shorter in the front than in the back. I love it. It’s different. It’s youthful and fun and perfect for upcoming months of beaches, sun and crazy summer parties. (pssssh, in the background you can see my artwork 🙂 if anybody is interested I could make a separate post about it)


Past weekend I bought this neon-dirty yellowish silky skirt that is just gorgeous. It is very soft and fits my body very well. I love this ekinda skater skirts, because they make me feel comfortable to the maximum.


As posted in one of the previous posts ( I am wearing the same statement necklace. I really do think it was one of my best purchases in the last few months, because the necklace was not that expansive and for the price i paid still gives away an amazing shine w=in combination beautiful summer colours.


The necklace therefore went very well with the peachy sweater that I only put over because i don’t really feel comfortable wearing a see-through white shirt. I tend to have such sweaters over my shoulders in case i need to cover something or just because it goes well with my outfit.


(This piece’s name is “Mi Casa Es Tu Casa” and it contains apron. 90 different photographs that I have taken on my trip to Mexico and Belize in Summer 2013.)


To the outfit I added this bag with the snake print (I know, again, mini obsession I guess?). Recently, I started to combine different, crazy patterns with bright colours and I really like it. I mostly got got inspired by checking out fashion weeks and especially fashion street styles. Besides the famous Nike Air Max shoes a lot of people made strange pattern-colours combination which actually look quite youthful and fun 🙂


I am wearing:

Shirt – Pimkie

Skirt- Pimkie

Shoes – Goertz17

Bag – Zara

Necklace – Colosseum (mini shop)

Watch – Michael Kors



If there is anything that interests you and you want to ask, criticise or just say hi comment below. I will be happy every receiving comment.


Do what you love.

Love what you do.



10 thoughts on “It feels good to feel good.

    1. Same here!! But few weeks ago i promised myself i will force myself to step out of black and white combinations and try something new 🙂 thank you so much for such a lovely comment 😊

      1. I too have had to give in to a bit of color in my wardrobe. (Different colors of similar plaid button-up shirts.) I think my main change recently was NOT shaving my head. I miss having hair… it gives you personality. Now I’m experimenting with hair styles. Change is good… Weird, but good.

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