Paradise Connection


Busy every day, busy every week, busy busy busy.

Its that time of the year, when the days get longer, Sun pops out more often and the weather is just to die for, going same for the school where dying is referred to the amount of work given and yet to come. Yay.

Continuing my pastel obsession I went for a nice, peachy coloured knitted sweater from Pimkie.It wasn’t really warm enough for a shirt, so I thought going for a swather would be a comfy and warm option ;).


The “skater” skirt is, obviously, black colour. I didn’t want to make the outfit too colourful, so I rather chose the safer option.


The weather here in Bonn is crazy. It’s warm, nice and sun is shinning first five minutes, and already the next the rain is pouring out of nowhere!


The accessories you see (necklace, watch and sunglasses) all match this peachy, gold colour. I really really like the necklace and brings this “glam”, bling-bling effect to the whole outfit. I am naturally not really picky about where I shop (as if it is a cheap-shit kind of store or something high-priced), because I am mostly focused on the look and the quality I get for the price I pay. This is why I have a variety of different stuff in my wardrobe and gives me tons of options of how to combine my daily outfit. Maybe it’s just me, what do you guys think? Where do you guys like to shop mostly and do you care a lot about the brand or not? (Lemme know :))


The sunglasses are very similar to the Kardashian Eyewear due to the polarised lenses. I think they look very different and cool.

photo 5-2

The shoes then very well match the whole pastel-gold combination. With those little spikes (which, please God, won’t fall off), they make a very rebel and glam atmosphere at the same time. They are very comfy to walk in and go well with a lot of my outfits.



Knitted swather: Pimkie

Skirt: Tally Weijl

Shoes: Goertz 17

Watch: Michael Kors

Necklace&sunglasses: unknown

Bag: Zara


So let me know in the comments about how and where you shop. If you have any questions or suggestions, also, lemme know! 🙂


Do what you love.

Love what you do.



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