Pastels? make it happen



Coming up with a huge realisation and developing some thoughts this week, I can say I had awonderful week. I went to thinking about fashion, but in deeper sense, like why am I doing this blog and why am I even thinking about studying fashion further on. Is it too mainstream or is it something in which I really believe I will be successful, more then in any other career? It took me quite a long time to realise that, in short, colours, patterns, materials, fashion runways andmarkets really really interest me. So why not go that pathway (yolo right?) and see if I made the right choice. If not, it definitely wouldn’t be a mistake but just en experience, valuable experience. 

So going back to blog updating on my outfit. This weekend we had quite a lot of sunshine coming to Germany and it was more than perfect for happy, pastel colours. Trying to quite my black addiction I went for all the colours, except black. It was hard but worthy :). 


I also changed my hairstyle from a messy, wavy structure to more polished, glam lookinghairstyle. It is just so simple but elegant and chick at the same time! You only need to use those sponges and instead of putting it high you only put it real low, where you have to divide your hair (in the middle or however you like it) and brush it back before you start. So you get rid of all the bits hanging randomly out. If you want I could do a quick “How To” in my next post.



I went for minimalistic accessories this time (as always) because I actually don’t know why. I really like jewerly and everything but not too keen putting it on if there is already some nice accessories on the shirt or whatever I am wearing. I am wearing this huge ring from H&M and diamond-looking earrings. 

Bag is from Zara and as you know I really like animal prints but specific ones tho. lately I havebeen obsessed with the Snake pattern, no idea why, but it just so dangerous and fierce 🙂


I just bought the All Stars this weekend and they are too perfect for summer :)) Pastel minty colour is so lovely and goes so well with the same-colored scarf that I have.


Those trench coats in beige or light brown colour are definitely a must this spring. They are so cute and they pretty much go with everything. You can pretty much find them in any better clothing store for not such a high price. Often, they also have those belts with to strengthen the waist are and they are perfect as they make your figure stand out.




The pants are from Gina Tricot and I have to admit I am always very positively surprised when I go to that store. They have everything, from the basics to more edgy-looking clothing. 


The scarf is also from the same store. I don’t usually wear mint colours, so I knew that adding the scarf to the outfit would be more than perfect. 


That is all for today, my lovelies. If you have any comments, questions or requests please do not hesitate to comment below. Every comments would make me happy. 🙂

Do what you love.

Love what you do.



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