The Old-School is Cool


Coming back to Bonn after having spent some holidays in Belgium I feel so refreshed. That is why I am starting off with a new, different post.

Since a while I loved wearing things that would suit the 80s and 90s , combined with some of my own style. In this post you will be able to see how I like to combine different styles.

Having a lot of hair, I like to allow myself to experiment with it, in order to spice up my outfit :). This time I went for a messy, 2nd day hair, because it looked so natural and chic. It was almost like a beachy, wavy hairstyle, only without such clear curls. You can see the hairstyle in the picture above the best.


The sweater was bough just couple of days ago in Pimkie. It was just too adorable, so I had to have it. Such sweaters with some cute writings or pictures on are the best for lazy days as they tend to be stylish, chic and at the same time very comfortable.


The bag is McNeill bag and it is super old-school. I bought it last year and have used it over and over again with a variety of different styles. It is very practical as it has three different ways of wearing it (see it further on), but is unfortunately very heavy already on its own due to the leather and metal accessories.


Here is another way of wearing the back. Very unusual but cool 🙂


You can also see the shoes I am wearing, Nike Air Max, that i just got the other weekend. I really wanted them for a real long time, but never seemed to find the ones that will make me go Woah. Not trying to step out of my comfort zone I went for the classical black leather and white “outline” ones. I was sick of see in same ones over and over again, so when I saw these ones I really wanted to get them, as it was surely my first time seeing them. They are actually men’s, ups. Image

They have sort of leathery look and this is also why I love them so much. In some previous posts I have shown you the leather dress which was a total must in my wardrobe. Black colour and leather materials are some of my favourite at the moment.


Thank you for reading my blog and comment below if there is something you’d like to know or see more 🙂

Do what you love.

Love what you do.



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