Sunday Funday

Helllllllo πŸ™‚

Did you have a relaxing and lazy Sunday morning, where the breakfast was brought to your bed by your dearest and you didn’t give a crap about not getting up until 13.00? Yeah, me neither.


Very different and strange, I forced myself to stay away from the strict, clean and crisp lines formed by the blazers, coats and clutches. I wanted to put something fun on and enjoy a nice and sunny Sunday in Bonn (we don’t get them that often ;))



This sweater was bought in C&A. Lately, I really don’t care where I buy things, as long as they fit me and I like them. I bought the sweater in the size XXL πŸ™‚ So comfy. I also really like it due to the amazing texture and glitters.Β 



The bag that you see was bought in Mexico in summer 2013. I went there as on exhibition with another 9 people from my school. The culture was so lovely and the clothes that they had selling there in the local markets were mainly so colourful and fun. Had to have them πŸ™‚

ImageImageΒ Image

You can probably see that my hair is a bit curly. It is finally long enough and I am so looking forward to making so many different hairstyles πŸ™‚Image

The pants are H&M, old-school style. They are like jeans leggings, high-waisted and extremely comfy.

Β ImageImageΒ 

The shoes are from Goertz 17 and they look so unique and original. When I saw them I knew I had to have them. But those shows also gave me an idea for new DIY projects with my other shoes that I don’t wear so much anymore. I could make a post about what I did with them if you want to next time πŸ™‚



The necklace is from Gina Tricot. Very simple and plain, so I can pretty much combine it with everything.



Maybe you can see that my hair looks quite shiny and healthy ( I hope you see it:)) Anyways, I put this DIY homemade hair mask yesterday containing olive oil, honey, bananas, milk and so on. Now it is so extremely soft and nice. I love it!!!


I hope you all have a relaxing, amazing and nice Sunday πŸ™‚ Comment below on what you think about the outfit, you suggestions and anything else that might interest you πŸ™‚

Do what you love.

Love what you do.




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